Technical questions

Why is the ilumnia loudspeaker a unique concept?

Ilumnia loudspeakers have built a solid reputation over the years for state-of-the-art audio reproduction. Witness to this are the many glowing reviews, but more importantly, the ever-growing group of enthusiasts who have already taken the step to Ilumnia.

The unique LEMS driver has a fully floating and very light cone of just 15 grams of total moving mass. Floating means that it no longer has a physical suspension in the form of a bead and spider, but instead an electro-magnetic suspension that is also 100% linear over the full range of the cone. This is unique in the world. This linearity ensures the lowest distortion figures ever measured with an electro-dynamic loudspeaker driver.

The combination of a light mass and complete freedom of movement means that the cone has a very low inertia and can therefore accelerate at lightning speed (the ability to “leave” from a standstill) and has a very low kinetic energy (and can therefore “stop” very quickly ). In addition, the absence of a physical suspension ensures that none of the delicate music signal is absorbed by the suspension itself.

According to the designers of Ilumnia, speed and linearity are the 2 most important properties that a driver must meet. They are the ingredients for high resolution (=speed) and a distortion-free (=linearity) display. When these two parameters are met, you have the key to a natural and realistic reproduction of sound. The LEMS has been designed with the aim of eliminating all elements that stand in the way of these 2 parameters from the design of the classic loudspeaker driver. It took them 7 years and the LEMS driver is the result.

All these features of the LEMS together ensure a super fast, dynamic, and completely distortion-free and compression-free reproduction. This makes the sound seem to come directly and naturally from the source rather than from a driver.

Ilumnia loudspeakers combine an effortless and realistic listening experience with special design and craftsmanship.

The Magister MK2 has a further perfected filter, which still remains simple in design, and there are also improved options for optimal tuning of the loudspeaker to the listening room.