Technical questions

Can the lems drive break?

The LEMS driver housing is built in high industrial quality with high quality materials. So it won't break easily. The black pyramid-shaped lightweight paper cone is strong and durable, but it is and remains the most sensitive part of the driver (just like any other speaker cone). Still, this cone can handle a lot and a deflection of 8mm is no problem at all, which means that you can play at quite loud volumes. Of course, this cone can also be overloaded and the limit for our cone is around 200 Watt load. However, the limit will be immediately noticeable, because the cone visibly and audibly starts to vibrate against the neoprene damper. Should it come to the point that the cone is damaged (due to overload or other calamity), then it can be easily replaced by our repair service.

Ilumnia gives a standard manufacturer's warranty of two years and an additional dealer warranty of 8 years, which excludes incorrect use.