Technical questions

Which amplifier matches best with Ilumnia?

Actually any amplifier of 20-250 Watt, but the Ilumnia speakers also play great on, for example, 300B tube amplifiers of approx. 2×5-8Watt and even on the 2A3 tubes of approx. 2x3Watt, although no concert volume will be achieved on the latter become. But the reproduction always remains as refined and above all fast, linear and undistorted. 

In addition, the Magister MK2 is extra versatile, because the stiffness of the magnetic free-hanging cone on the power supply can also be adjusted to the type of amplifier for optimal performance. The stiffness of the cone can be adjusted to the damping factor of the amplifier (stiffer for tubes, looser for transistor). A unique feature in loudspeaker land, made possible by the patented LEMS concept.