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Dimensions: Weight: 32 kg each Height: 976 mm Width: 250 mm Depth: 465 mm
Low frequency driver: Woofer: 8 inches Material: paper cone
High frequency driver: Tweeter: ring dome Diaphragm material: silk
Technical Specs
Technical: Response: 30-22.000 Hz +/- 3 dB (RAR) X-over frequency: 9.5 Khz Sensitivity: 87dB 1 watt / 1 metre Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm

Ilumnia has the most natural sound.

Semi - Omnidirectional sound

Without loss of pinpoint focus

Ilumnia LEMS driver

One of world’s most advanced electrodynamic driver

Adjustable balance

Adjust your tweeter frequency

Stacked plywood design

A piece of craftsmanship of the highest order

Directional tweeter

A directional soft dome silk tweeter

External high-end current supply

An electromagnetic field fed by the power supply

Adjustable bass tuning

Adjust bass according to your own preference


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