External high-end current supply

The LEMS driver has two coils; the first to float the cone and the second for the movement to reproduce the music signal. The first coil needs a power supply that is kept out of the signal path. With Magister the power supply is an external box, with Vocalis it is built-in.

The Magister separate power supply has the unique feature that the force of the suspension of the cone can be set in 5 positions. From “smooth” for transistor amps with a high damping factor to “tight” for tube amps, including even 300B models. The power supply is connected to the mains and has an energy-saving standby mode.

The power supply is 100% galvanically isolated and therefore has no influence on the music signal.

Note: The power supply does not make Ilumnia an active speaker system. Amplification of the music signal does not take place via the power supply.

Power supply

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