Diapason d’Or reward 2023

We are proud to receive the Diapason d’Or reward 2023!

Toronto audiofest with Haerken Audio. Nov. 2022

Read all about the Audiokey review of the Haerken demo room at Toronto audiofest 2022.

Vinyl&Audio review Magister MKII July 2022

Review of the Magister MKII by French audio Magazine Vinyl&Audio #13 July/august.

Review Magister MKII FWD Magazine June 2022

Scandinavian sobriety, American/Japanese innovation and Italian grandeur and style in a single design from Belgium? Yes, because these Ilumnia Magister mk 2 loudspeakers turn out to be an extremely successful symbiosis of all these properties.

Lunar Eclipse award

We are very honored to receive the prestigious "Lunar Eclipse award" from 6Moons. guest at ilumnia

Ilumnia Magister Impression & Sneak Preview