Review: Ilumnia Vocalis MK2

"Two-way speakers of this type have long been known for their beautiful spatial reproduction and the Vocalis MK2 even goes a few steps further. Anyone who is familiar with the famous German omnidirectional MBL speakers will certainly recognize that character."

ilumnia vocalis

After recently living with the impressive Boenicke W5 SE speakers for a while, this edition is the turn of an equally surprising pair of speakers. This time not from Switzerland or the United States, but nice and close to our southern neighbors. As early as the 1980s and 1990s, the music-loving public was surprised by beautifully innovative and special creations from these parts. Anyone over fifty is probably still familiar with the Etude speakers of the talented Marc van Moerbeke. Not to mention the beautiful 'telephone receiver' Synthesis models by Ivan Schellekens. Although the heyday of these two pioneers is some time behind us, since 2017 there has been such an intriguingly innovative brand again. Perhaps not entirely surprising, it is a company that once again originates from Belgium and that, like the names mentioned above, is redefining the medium of 'loudspeaker' through innovations.