6 Moons : Kudos for most innovative technique in audio

Our research & development paid off. 6 Moons Kudos for most innovative technique in audio check it out !

Have you ever heard of, let alone heard an, electromagnetic floating cone driver? We hadn't. Ilumnia is the outcome of 7 years of R&D with plenty of trial and errors and prototypes.The design goal was a driver that would be fast to track micro and macro dynamics; have very low distortion for undisturbed long-term listening pleasure; and exhibit excellent linearity no matter the SPL. The basic notion about 'how' was a driver cone with an electromagnetic suspension, not the traditional spider and surround. This should result in zero energy absorption, hence purer signal transduction. Compression from mechanical resistance would be nulled as would unwanted resonances from a spider or surround. Damping would be adjustable for the best match between speaker and amplifier. In the Magister loudspeaker on exhibit, the floating driver was mounted on top to radiate 360°. With just 15 grams of moving mass—the cone, former, coil and closing ring—this driver is really fast. The exploded view showed 68 parts. Ilumnia deserve our kudos for most innovative technique in audio.