Stacked plywood

Stacked plywood design

A cost-no-object design

  • Layering of CNC machined plywood proved to be the best method for building cabinets.
  • The bracing structure was carefully designed in order to reach a musical sounding cabinet, capable of portraying real-life instruments.
  • The cabinet is assembled by hand from the highest quality marine grade plywood.
  • Asymmetrical milled inside shapes to avoid internal standing waves.
plywood design

A piece of craftsmanship of the highest order

The cabinet of the Ilumnia loudspeakers is a piece of craftsmanship of the highest order and a feast for the eyes. The material is Marine Grade Birch Plywood of the highest quality. The design of the cabinet is the result of the convex and concave sides of four circles from which a piece is taken and internally milled asymmetrically, so that standing waves have no chance.

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