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Ilumnia Magister Impression & Sneak Preview

The revolutionary Ilumnia Magister speaker began playing Songbird from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album. Why chose this recording? I have this album twice on vinyl, on CD and as hi res file on my NAS. Beautiful music, but the recording could never fully appeal to me: little dynamics, a bit shrill. No real reference recording.

Until I heard the song on the Ilumnia Magister… Unbelievable! No, still not the ultimate in dynamics. No, still not the masterful shot. Then the Ilumnia wouldn't be a fair speaker (and it is, I can tell you).

But suddenly there was the emotion that characterizes the song (and the entire album). The emotion that I had never heard in this song. Just the use of the piano at the beginning immediately grabbed my attention - “and now you really listen to this song, little man, as it is meant to be”, Mick Fleetwood seemed to snap at me.

This can only be done by a loudspeaker that understands the music, grasps it and delivers it as it is. No sauce, no addition, no distortion, no false spatiality, no bigger or smaller than it is. Just honest, as it can only be if the physical obstacles that every loudspeaker concept has are almost all eliminated.