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Technology - Main Design Principles


In line with our vision statement we started the project by defining 3 key objectives.

objective 1 : maximum speed for …

  • optimal micro and macro dynamics (high resolution, detail, resolving capabilities)

objective 2 : minimum distortion for …

  • natural sound reproduction

  • a non fatiguing sound

objective 3 : maximum linearity for having…

  • always the same pure sound, regardless of volume (and/or dynamics in the music)

  • no compression

In order to outperform the best speakers in the world on these 3 key objectives we designed a new driver technology by eliminating the parts which are causing the most problems in these 3 areas : the spider and the surround.

Our goal was to transmit 100% energy of the amplifiers signal (music signal) solely into the cone itself and nothing else but the cone. So that even the smallest signal is translated into movement of the cone (and thus micro detail) and with a fast transient response to large signals (and thus macro dynamics)

The result of our technology is ultimate transmission and preservation of the amplifier’s signal (energy) into the driver cone.


We would like to call this design choice : “energy-to-movement ratio”.


No energy absorption in other mechanical parts than the speaker cone itself such as…

  • spider (often referred to as rear suspension)

  • surround

  • in a smaller extend also the basket


… because in classic driver technology they absorb too much signal energy. 

Why is energy absorption such a big deal ?

1.  Energy absorption causes blurring of detail (micro dynamics as well as macro dynamics)

  • Micro dynamics : by absorbing the smallest signals (and thus detail)

  • Macro dynamics : influence on impulse and therefore also transient response

2.  The cone is the only part intented for music reproduction. Energy absorption by parts which are not intended for music reproduction (like spider and surround) also creates all kinds of distortion by means of uncontrolled resonances and non-linearities in these parts. And off course just by following the music signal together with the cone, such as the backwave distortion of the spider. 

You can see those parts moving in the animated gif below and find more information on

Our conclusion : we had to eliminate these components from the driver design.

Hence our slogan :  "Less is more"


"less" mechanical components used for suspension literally means "more" freedom of movement which is translated into speed and thus musicality and detail.

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