General questions

Which advice do you give about my total audio budget?

Usually our advice is to start with the speaker, then the amplifier, then the source and only then the cabling. The main reason is that you have to love the sound of your speaker from day one, even with lesser electronics. If you have found the speaker of your dreams, you can make it sound even better with a well-matched amplifier. And then even better with a good source and cables.

The following advice to you as a music lover and discerning listener is also simple. Only by listening will you get an impression of how a dynamic loudspeaker without mechanical suspension of the cone sounds and whether you like the completely free, transparent, undistorted, fast and ultra-linear sound of our LEMS driver.

It is good to know that the purchase of Ilumnia loudspeakers does not necessarily mean that you have to replace your amplifier. It is precisely the extremely natural reproduction that ensures that many quality amplifiers go well with Ilumnia and the unique ability of the Magister to magnetically match the stiffness of the cone suspension to the amplifier's damping factor allows an adaptation to any type of amplifier (transistor or tube) very well possible.

We wish you a lot of listening pleasure!