Technology - Main Design Principles

Ilumnia 8" midbass driver with electromagnetic suspension (no spider, no surround)

World’s best electrodynamic driver in terms of :

  • Linearity : > 99,5% linear at full excursion (8mm)

  • Resonance : no mechanical coupling of cone to basket, no surround, no spider

  • Distortion (no spider, no surround, minimum of moving parts and mechanical connections)

  • Qts : 0,25


World’s fastest driver

  • Not physically restrained by the mechanical suspension of spider and surround

  • Very low moving mass (only 15 grammes)

    • Low kinetic energy of moving mass

    • Less inertia problems

  • Optimized impulse and phase response for maximum transient response in the mid-bas frequency range.

  • Excellent power response** characteristics






LEMS technology


The combination of above mentioned qualities result in such a high level of detail and pureness of sound that you will experience the Ilumnia’s sound as real-life sound coming from a natural source and not from a speaker driver, just like we promised you...

Power supply

The power supply is needed to generate an electro magnetic field for the cone to float in. 

To be clear : our speaker system is completely passive (don't be fooled by this power source)


The power supply is in fact a very high-end 3V rating power source. If you would connect an AAA battery to the power connector of the speaker, the cone will float also.

100% galvanic isolation from the amplifiers music signal (in other words : the power source is 100% isolated from the amplifiers signal source so the music signal cannot be affected or compromised by the power source of the speaker)

Directional tweeter

Stacked plywood

  • Cost-no-object design. 

  • Layering of CNC machined plywood proved to be the best method for building cabinets.

  • The bracing structure was carefully designed in order to reach a musical sounding cabinet, capable of portraying real-life instruments.

  • The cabinet is assembled by hand from the highest quality marine grade plywood.

  • Asymmetrical milled inside shapes to avoid internal standing waves.

Angled midbass driver in combination with a directional soft dome silk tweeter will result in a better focus than pure omniradial desings.

The main goal is to combine the benefit of both worlds into one design. 

L E S S  I S   M O R E