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Technology - Speaker Tech

Ilumnia LEMS*  8" midbass driver with electromagnetic suspension (no spider, no surround) 

One of the world’s best electrodynamic driver in terms of :

  • Linearity : > 99% linear at full excursion (8mm)

  • Resonance : no mechanical coupling of cone to basket, no surround, no spider

  • Distortion (no spider, no surround, minimum of moving parts and mechanical connections)


Key elements :

  • Not physically restrained by the mechanical suspension of spider and surround

  • Very low moving mass (only 15 grammes)

    • Low kinetic energy of moving mass

    • Less inertia problems

  • Optimized impulse and phase response for maximum transient response in the mid-bas frequency range.

  • Excellent horizontal power response characteristics


The combination of above mentioned qualities result in such a high level of detail and pureness of sound that you will experience the Ilumnia’s sound as real-life sound coming from a natural source and not from a speaker driver, just like we promised you...

* LEMS or lineair excursion motor system


In this graph you clearly see the non-linearity of the mechanical suspension (the purple line). The more the cone moves (x-axis) the more force it relatively requires to be moved equally further. This will cause compression and amplitude modulation at high SPL output.

Our EM (electro magnetic) suspension (red) is perfectly linear and in case of the Magister also adjustable (dotted line). Each millimeter of movement requires an exact equal increase in force or in this case current even at higher SPL output. The result is excellent dynamic response at any output level.

People often discribe this phenomenon as "the detail is pushed away to the background" by the lower frequency's.​​​​

Negative current
positive current

Non-linear behaviour of conventional vs electromagnetic suspension


Power supply

Axial centering of the cone has been accomplished by a electromagnetic field fed by the power supply.

To be clear : our speaker system is completely passive. Audiosignal  has not been compromised in any way.

The power supply is in fact a very high-end 0.3 - 0.5A adjustable current source.

100% galvanic isolation between the amplifiers music signal and the power supply.


Directional tweeter


Angled midbass driver in combination with a directional soft dome silk tweeter will result in a better focus than pure omniradial desings.

The main goal is to combine the benefit of both worlds into one design. 


Stacked plywood

  • Cost-no-object design. 

  • Layering of CNC machined plywood proved to be the best method for building cabinets.

  • The bracing structure was carefully designed in order to reach a musical sounding cabinet, capable of portraying real-life instruments.

  • The cabinet is assembled by hand from the highest quality marine grade plywood.

  • Asymmetrical milled inside shapes to avoid internal standing waves.

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