Review Magister MKII FWD Magazine June 2022

Scandinavian sobriety, American/Japanese innovation and Italian grandeur and style in a single design from Belgium? Yes, because these Ilumnia Magister mk 2 loudspeakers turn out to be an extremely successful symbiosis of all these properties.

Two Belgian brothers who have been igniting each other for years in their search for the ideal sound. That almost sounds like the stereotypical example of what many hi-fi enthusiasts like to do. However, the big difference here is the combination of fanaticism, inspiration, passion, knowing what you want to achieve and certainly also the necessary technical background knowledge. See here in a nutshell the motivations behind one of the most extraordinary loudspeaker systems I have encountered in years. I'm talking about the unique Ilumnia Magister mk 2 loudspeakers. Reproducers that are not only special because of their pioneering ideas and technological ideas, but also mean the actual realization of a number of pressing, until recently unsolvable technical issues. In the test that follows, you can read how I experienced this wonderful world, where much is different from normal.