Technical questions

Why is Ilumnia not quite an omni-directional speaker?

Omni-directional loudspeakers – also called omnidirectional radiators – have beautiful sound characteristics, such as realism in particular and the enormously beautiful spaciousness and airiness. A major disadvantage of traditional radiators is their sensitivity to room acoustics (reflection from the rear wall in particular) and the poor placement/focus of voices and instruments. Due to the oblique placement of the Ilumnia LEMS driver on top of the cabinet, there are definitely the beautiful sound characteristics of the round radiator. However, there are three adjustments that ensure that the disadvantages of an omnidirectional radiator are absent at Ilumnia. Firstly, due to the slightly slanted placement of the driver (instead of perpendicular to the cabinet), reverberation takes place much less. Secondly, with Ilumnia the tweeter is placed exactly above the heart of the cone, so that the combination of the drivers in effect forms a point source again, restoring the placement. The enormous realism and airiness, on the other hand, are beautifully preserved. And third, Ilumnia loudspeakers have adjustment options to match the radiation behavior they have to the room.