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Technology - Tweeter


We have tested our proprietary mid/bass driver together with lots of different tweeters from as many OEM manufacturers before deciding to use a tweeter from Scanspeak.


We choose this one for it’s perfect balance in our speaker design and not for it’s price. There are many good tweeters around. The most important feature of a tweeter is how good it matches with the other components of a speaker.


That’s why we “marry” a tweeter. In a good marriage there is balance. Tweeter and mid/bass are considered Yin & Yang.

This scanspeak tweeter has undergone slight changes to fit better in our design. Special attention was paid to it's airiness to match perfect with our ultra fast mid-bass driver.

The tweeter is installed in a special designed bullet.

This bullet exists of 2 parts : the "inner" housing and the "outer" housing. Both are decoupled from each other with a rubber suspension in such a way that resonances and reflections are reduced to a minimum. 

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