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Technology - Power Supply


The power supply is needed to generate an electro magnetic field for the cone to float in. 

To be clear : our speaker system is completely passive (don't be fooled by this power source)


The power supply is in fact a very high-end 3V rating power source. If you would connect an AAA battery to the power connector of the speaker, the cone will float also.

  • 100% galvanic isolation from the amplifiers music signal (in other words : the power source is 100% isolated from the amplifiers signal source so the music signal cannot be affected or compromised by the power source of the speaker)

  • Ultra-low noise

  • Very stable

  • Intelligent (to protect the speaker but also in case of a tube amp the amplifier)

  • Build with 99% of discrete components to the very highest standards in electronics. Just like they build Sansui amps in the seventies...

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