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The EAR : "the sound was truly mind-blowing"

Very nice comment from "The Ear"

A beautiful acknowledgment of our hard work.


"Electronic music filled the Ilumnia room, a new brand with a loudspeaker that has been in development for the past seven years. From across the Belgian border, Tom Nuyts was proudly showcasing his speakers featuring the world’s first electromagnetic floating cone driver. Worthy of an entire feature article [hint to the editor!], this passive design looks different and sounds exceptional. To say that I was blown away is a cliché, but the sound was truly mind-blowing. This unusual speaker began as a project to create something sonically special for Tom’s brother and ended up as a featherweight floating cone with electromagnetic suspension in a speaker that is ultra fast, linear and virtually distortion-free."

Trevor Butler

professional careers at :

BBC, Harbeth, HiFi News and Record review, The EAR


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