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Technology - Filter


The combination of drivers, cabinet and damping material was physically designed this way that we could avoid complex filtering.


Instead of cheaply altering the filter by adding more and more electronic components which all compromise the music signal, we altered the physical properties of the driver, cabinet or damping material.

Every optimization was not only simulated by computer but also build and tested in real-life conditions because computers only validate numbers but no “soul”. Sometimes our computer simulation came up with the right solution, sometimes it did not.

This extensive (and foremost expensive) way of prototype building and testing was necessary to produce the best speaker ever.

The result is that we now have a museum full of prototype parts. We kept them all just to remind ourselves how much effort and costs we made to develop our reference speaker.

The most important features of the filter are :

  • Second order for tweeter

  • First order for mid/bass

  • No notch filter

  • No phase correction

  • With the special alignment of the tweeter in relation to the mid-bass driver we managed to bring the acoustic center of the mid-bass and the tweeter well within the distance of one wavelength of the crossover point. This way they act as being only one point source without phase shift.

  • Hard wired

With these combined efforts we managed to create a filter with only 5 components.

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