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WHo we arE

We are a belgian company who started project “Ilumnia” back in 2010. The name Ilumnia is derived from the Latin "Iluminare" which means "to throw a light upon" or "to enlighten", this is exactly what our speakers do.

They throw a new light on music, in a manner never heard of. With more detail, transparency and ease, resulting in the most natural sound your ears have ever experienced. 

In today modern times everything is designed to be cost effective. The Ilumnia Magister was not. It was designed with endless amounts of patience and perseverance.

We redesigned modern driver technology from the ground up in order to outperform any other commercial driver available today.

After 3 years of extensive development the musical effect of our prototype LEMS driver became so obvious  that it would be a shame to keep it hidden from music enthusiasts all over the world.

How it works and what magic it does (or better what it doesn't do) to the music signal can be read in the "technology" section of our website.

The voyage from the first prototype to the terrific speaker it has become today was more difficult than we could ever imagine at that time.

But we are proud we persevered and can offer you this outstanding piece of groundbreaking technology combined with the finest craftsmanship.

We hope you will enjoy the sound as much as we already did!

We decided to commercialize the new technology and spent 4 years more finalizing the new driver and building a speaker with it.

Our secret lies in our patented and unique in-house developed floating cone driver with electro-magnetic suspension, worlds first!



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