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Technology - Cabinet


  • The cabinet contour is a result of 4 circles  for a well-balanced natural look.

  • Cost-no-object design. 

  • Layering of CNC machined plywood proved to be the best method for building cabinets.

  • Aluminium bars are vertically aligned inside the wooden parts to form a very rigid structure.

  • The bracing structure was carefully designed in order to reach a musical sounding cabinet, capable of portraying real-life instruments.

  • The cabinet is assembled by hand from the highest quality marine grade plywood.

  • Asymmetrical milled inside shapes to avoid internal standing waves.

  • Bass reflex ports directly milled into the wooden cabinet for better resonance control, no use of plastic inserts

  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminium for the nicest finish available.

  • Lasered text

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